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5 Ways to Find the Best Condos in Midtown

Doyle | Goodrowe May 17, 2023

5 Ways to Find the Best Condos in Midtown
There’s no doubt about it: Midtown is having a resurgence as of early 2023, and the real estate market for Midtown condos in the area is booming. The dream of living in Midtown Atlanta has been the dream for many Americans, even during the pandemic when the housing market appeared to take a hit. Now the dream is back in full force with record numbers of new residents searching for Midtown homes for sale.

But what is the best strategy to take if you want to find the best of the best when it comes to condominiums in the Midtown area? With so many digital resources available, it can be tricky to find a solution that works for you. Below, we’ve outlined the five best ways to find a condo for you and your family in Midtown Atlanta.

Have a clear budget in mind

Before you start getting excited about touring apartments, making offers, and closing on your next dream condo, it’s important to start off with a definite budget. It may not seem like you’re making progress by sitting down to determine just how much you can afford, but the opposite is true. With a budget in hand, you’ll be able to filter out the properties that are outside your range and more quickly narrow down your search. Consult with a financial expert or use a reliable online affordability calculator to help you figure out a rental price that works for you.

Research individual neighborhoods

Midtown is a large place, and the diversity of housing options available here is hard to overestimate. Midtown is one of the largest commercial, entertainment, and media centers in Atlanta, so there’s no getting around the fact that you’re going to find a lot of distinct ways of living here.

For years, Midtown has continued to expand and invite in more and more unique residents who have helped make this neighborhood flourish. Every neighborhood has unique architecture, nightlife, culture, and rules and standards surrounding condo ownership. That’s just part of what makes living in the ATL so much fun!

It’s well worth your time to visit all the neighborhoods that strike you or at least do some research online about the pros and cons of living there. Spend some time investigating what kind of lifestyle you’d like to pursue in Midtown neighborhood by neighborhood. Are you more interested in having a thriving nightlife? Or do you prefer a more private and secluded living situation? Both options are within reach in Midtown, but you need to know where to look first.

Reach out to a real estate broker

As one of the cultural, entertainment, and financial centers of the south, Atlanta is full of professionals who specialize in very specific sectors of their industry, especially in luxury housing. Get in touch with a local real estate broker in Midtown, and you’re sure to narrow down your search for condos in no time. Look online for a broker who operates near the street or area you’re interested in, and you’ll get more specialized insights into the market there. You should ask your broker about several things, including:
  • Property values and whether they’ve dipped or risen in recent months
  • Plans for any new condo developments in your area
  • Trends in rent prices and an estimate for what you may pay
  • Whether a condo or a co-op is a better housing option for you
  • The architectural styles of condos in Midtown
  • Details about lease agreements you can expect

Filter search results online

According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 97% of all homebuyers in today’s market use the internet at some point to research available homes and condos. The odds are that you’ll turn to the internet at some point as you look over all the Midtown condos that pique your interest. What’s important is knowing how to narrow down your search. Here are some of the categories to keep in mind when filtering out search results:
  • Budget
  • Location, including neighborhood, street, and story
  • Transportation, including public and access to garages
  • Nearby schools
  • Pet-friendly properties
  • Floorplan, including the number of beds and baths and total square footage
  • Additional amenities
  • Luxury building materials

Determine the size of the condo you’ll need

After price, the size of your condo will probably be the most important feature of the listing to keep in mind when apartment searching. If you’re going to be working from home, make sure there’s a home office already included or enough space to build one yourself. If you have an extended family who’s going to be living with you, ensure that there are enough bedrooms to house everyone comfortably.

Maybe a certain condo looks sizable enough for you, but it ends up being located on a higher floor than you’re comfortable living in (especially if there’s no on-site elevator). That should also be something to factor in. By looking over the details of the size of the condo early on, you can help narrow down the types of units that appeal to you. If you’re moving to Midtown from another part of the country, keep in mind that some Midtown apartments can be smaller in size (compared to condos in other parts of Atlanta).

Get in touch with a local real estate agent today

Once you’ve finally found that dream apartment, prepare all your financial documents in advance. It’s advisable to collect at least two months of pay stubs, the last two years of tax documents, proof of employment, a photo ID, and a reference letter from a prior landlord, along with bank statements from the last two to three months. Now it’s just time to hand over everything to your new property manager and start moving in!

With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of the best ways to find a Midtown condo for you. If you have any questions or comments to share about living here or purchasing Midtown Atlanta homes, reach out today! Contact Doyle | Goodrowe Curated Living for more information.

*Header photo courtesy of Doyle | Goodrowe

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